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Ibercivis is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in physics, material science and biomedicine.

You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

Ibercivis is based at several institutes and universities, like Zaragoza, CETA-CIEMAT, CSIC, Coimbra. More info about the different projects at:


White paper on citizen science on Europe
White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe: Last week of online consultation!

Contribute now to the “White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe”, it only takes 2 minutes.
Rate the importance of first recommendations via the questionnaire, add your own recommendation or take part in the discussion of open questions.

A broad feedback and participation from divers players in the Citizen Science field will increase the relevance and importance of the document.

Link: http://whitepaper.socientize.eu/
Deadline: 4th of April 2014

The White Paper aims to give policy actors strategic advice on how to foster civil engagement in science.

Do not hesitate to share this information with other stakeholders. Let's engage!

Thank you again, the Socientize consortium
31 Mar 2014 | 17:36:42 UTC · Comment

mcgi, new beta app
Hi there.

There is a new beta application, mcgi. Just launched 500 wus only for testing. We need your feedback, specially about checkpointing.

Acabamos de lanzar una nueva aplicación en beta, mcgi. Hay 500 wus de testeo. ¿Os funciona bien el checkpoint? ¿algún otro error?. Gracias por vuestra colaboración.
12 Dec 2013 | 15:53:17 UTC · Comment

Servicios Validación/Asimilación
El CPD del CETA (Extremadura), donde tenemos nuestros servidores de upload, está apagado debido a unas obras para mejorar su refrigeración. Debido a ello no estarán disponibles los servicios de validación y asimilación de resultados durante este fin de semana (14 al 16 de Junio).

Our principal upload server is down due to works to improve cooling. So validation are assimilation services and not available during this weekend (14 to 16 June).
14 Jun 2013 | 9:49:21 UTC · Comment

Bindsurf paper
El paper con título A GPU based Volunteer Computing Platform for the discovery of bioactive compounds realizado por científicos del proyecto Bindsurf con el apoyo de los voluntarios del proyecto Ibercivis ha sido aceptado para el congreso CMMSE 2013 http://gsii.usal.es/~CMMSE/

The paper A GPU based Volunteer Computing Platform for the discovery of bioactive compounds done by scientists of the Bindsurf project with the help of the volunteers of the Ibercivis project has been accepted for the CMMSE 2013 congress http://gsii.usal.es/~CMMSE/
21 May 2013 | 16:01:16 UTC · Comment

Job status
Hi there

From now, you can see the status of our jobs at http://registro.ibercivis.es/jobs.php

Buenas tardes

Podeis ver el estado de los jobs (grupos de workuntis) en http://registro.ibercivis.es/jobs.php
21 May 2013 | 13:32:48 UTC · Comment

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