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Message 51674 - Posted: 30 Apr 2014 | 0:41:17 UTC


Mcgi w.u. are invalide after one task returned with error.

Also can you don't send tasks AFTER receipt one with error? Or validate/credit it?


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Message 51678 - Posted: 30 Apr 2014 | 13:40:20 UTC

Considering it takes 10000 secs before failing (with no other option than failing...) there is indeed a serious issue.

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Message 51682 - Posted: 30 Apr 2014 | 18:37:32 UTC - in response to Message 51678.

Thank you for your feedback and for being betatesters. We're trying to solve it.



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Message 51758 - Posted: 26 Sep 2014 | 13:58:14 UTC
Last modified: 26 Sep 2014 | 13:59:40 UTC


It may be a problem or not.
This WU has been cancelled for my wingman, but not for me.

On the 18th, 3 WUs have been cancelled on another computer while they were crunching and the deadline wasn't overdue:
That's no deal. Just 3x 26.25 hours lost ;-)

Well, the above WU 258055474 is still crunching on my PC, and it may do so for another 280 days or so :-D
I just calculated the duration given the required GFLOPs (50'000) and the recent benchmark of my rig (1983 FLOPs).
Also, there has been no checkpoint for about 73 hours, which seems strange to me. The last power outage (because of thunderstorms) and shut-down of the computer was on last Sunday, so more than 73 hours ago.

Could you please have a look at it and tell me if I should cancel the WU?
Thanks in advance!

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