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Posted 1386 days ago by Hans Sveen
All the wu's I got some days ago run well! And some has even uploaded and got valididated! But on host id 409770 none has updated because of this error:

09.05.2016 16:28:35 | ibercivis | Error in request message: no end tag
09.05.2016 16:29:10 | ibercivis | Sending scheduler request: To report completed tasks.
09.05.2016 16:29:10 | ibercivis | Reporting 13 completed tasks
09.05.2016 16:29:10 | ibercivis | Not requesting tasks: don't need (CPU: job cache full; NVIDIA GPU: not highest priority project)
09.05.2016 16:29:13 | ibercivis | Scheduler request completed
09.05.2016 16:29:13 | ibercivis | This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add

Project status tell me that the upload/download server is disabled!

Will You please allow me(and Others I guess) to upload/valididate the wu' sent out!.
Thank You!

With Regards,
Hans Sveen
Oslo, Norway
2) Questions and Answers : mcgi : New version, new workunits (Message 51810)
Posted 1925 days ago by Hans Sveen
Hello again!

Yes, they were returned and valididated about 10.00 o'clock UTC this morning!

Thank You!

Hans Sveen
3) Questions and Answers : mcgi : New version, new workunits (Message 51802)
Posted 1926 days ago by Hans Sveen
Last night I got a couple of work units that was done this morning after about 9 hours. The trouble is they won't report back to the server!

I guess it maybe server problems?

Thank You!
Greatings from

Hans Sveen
Oslo, Norway
4) Questions and Answers : mcgi : test_urandom (Message 51754)
Posted 2007 days ago by Hans Sveen
After some away from this project, i'm back and got alot of Wilson Prime wu's!

I've also got some mcgi wu's with names like c2_800runs*; is it anew project or resends from the last time the project was up?

All wu's so far are running nicely on several windows pc, progress bar and checkpointing is now working!
Seems to be quite long wu's , about 10-12 hours on my least humble pc....

Keep up the good work!

Regards from
Hans Sveen
Oslo, Norway

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