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Posted 1404 days ago by Coleslaw
Note that you are making it very difficult for anyone who can read only English to make any donation for this. On the first page, the way to get an English translation is to click on the Spanish flag, then the English flag. On the second page, there is no obvious way to get an English translation.

I had to highlight text and paste in in Google Translate when I first got the email. At that time there was no notice of an English page at all. I would say this was poorly implemented.
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Posted 1411 days ago by Coleslaw
Well I had already posted this info in a different section 19 days before, so not sure what the hold up was.

However, I would suggest filling out the form to formally request some funding from BitcoinUtopia.
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Posted 1433 days ago by Coleslaw
I received an email yesterday that said this:


We are contacting you from Ibercivis Foundation Ibercivis because since the 1st October, European Day of Foundations and Donors, the citizen science and crowdfunding campaign ‘JustFoldIt: A new BOINC tool to promote research in biomedicine’ has been live.

In order to carry out the study, and given the restrictions on expenses that exist in the scientific field today, we have launched the first crowdfunding campaign to raise 3500 euros in 60 days. If the amount is not reached within the 60 days, the money will be returned to donors and the project will not go ahead.

For more information and/or to donate, please follow this link. Don’t hesitate to click on it to find out more!

Muchas Gracias

El equipo de Ibercivis @Ibercivis

I was wondering if you had a page that was in English. Using translation sites are a pain with that much information and the videos can't be translated using them. I would like more details on what exactly the money is needed for versus the rest of this project. Thanks in advance.

Also, have you considered possibly approaching BitcoinUtopia as they are willing to help many projects. I would drop them a line in this thread.