Names beginning with Y

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yoyo_rkn ("I started to work for distributed computing in 1997 with's RC5-56 project....")
ynys ("Tengo 31 años y vivo en Asturias.")
YRV ("1")
Yago AB ("Desde León, España. Interesado en la ciencia y tecnología")
YGPJay ("His name is Columbus Favorite but he not certainly liked that name. The favorite hobby...")
YJGMar ("...")
YasHerringt ("I am Yasemin and was born on 25 January 1987. My hobbies are Musical instruments and...")
YFWQuintonde ("23 yr old Film and Movie Editor Shirley from Rosedale, spends time with hobbies like...")
YukikoMarron ("Hi there. My ame is Austіn Desalvo. My family mеmbеrs lives in American Samoa. One of...")
YvetteLinthi ("Fгiends call her Tommy Steeves but individuals usually misspell it. American Samoа iѕ...")

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