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Blues, booze and BBQs. If that's not reason Enough to go to Memphis, add Gonerfest, an underground music festival hosted by Gonerrecords' creator Eric Friedl. what size skateboard should i get

The ninth festival was indicated by 2012 and with bands like No Bunny headlining, The Oblivians, andThe Spits, there wasn't a minute . So, Justin Modica A1 Partanen, Preston Harper and I were Memphis-bound to check out the songsalong with local terrain.

Thanks for still putting out great music and a fantastic festival, to Goner. I hope to see you at number10. RIVER CITY TALINESAlicja Trout has been a staple of the Memphis Punk music scene, playing at a dozen rings during the years--most notably Soundstogether with all the Jay Reatard. She has led her collection through a few tours and records since Lost Sounds disbanded in 2005.River City played the very initial Gonerfest, along with several other people, so it was only appropriate to get a few words withher and "Bubba" John Bonds before they took the point. Who are you and what exactly do you do?

Alicja Trout: I play guitar and perform a little form Of singing, and try to compose songs for River City Tanlines. John Bonds: I play drums, so I conquer stuff.AT: He is also a singer.What is a guilty pleasure album in your document collection? AT: Just like, something I'm ashamed of? Huey Lewis and the News possibly? I really like the album Siamese Dream by SmashingPumpkins and I really don't know why. It is not within my group, but I hear Katy Perry.

JB: I listen to a lot of Elvis; not really a guilty pleasure. I enjoy the guitar playing, historical Chicago. Jackson Browne issentimental to me. A friend of mine and I used to consume a lot listening but he is no longer with us. When did you realize you wanted to become a musician? AT: I wanted a guitar. Drums and A guitar. My parents enjoyed Jaguars and Mercedes, but I liked GMCs and Mustangs. When MTV wasseen by me the year it came on, it made me view. Like, "Yeah, that's where I wanna be." JB: I lived in Oxford, Mississippi. My Where I bought Cheap Trick Live at Budokon, grandfather and I went to this record store. Mycousin had a pair of drums in the time and they were offered by him for $ 75, which set me off. Few records were large. I startedplaying drums when I was 13. What was?JB: Kiss Destroyer.AT: I think the first album I owned was a Monkees greatest hits. First concert?JB: I watched Thin Lizzy when I was 11 Orpheum theater, opening for Nazareth. It was 1979. I'm old. AT: I think the very first thing I ever watched was not Until I was 14. It had been Slug Fest on the lake. It was someneighborhood sloppy rock and roll bands. Was REM. I remember when I was in junior high, I could not visit Motley Crue and Ozzy,and I was angry! How did the song Black Knight at EA skate come about? That has been something Dirt Nap procured. That was awesome. Small clubs or arena?AT: I have never played in a stadium.What's next for you guys?AT: Maybe we will only do 7-inches because it required Us so long to do a record. I'm really not certain what's next.

THE SPITSGrowing up as Michigan skaters, have some Danforth stories?

Wayne Draves: The "Nomad" Bill Danforth has been an influence on all of us, as was most of staff Alva and Skull Skates. Billneeded a free soul "no rules" attitude that few have now. Plus, he looked tough! As far as stories, during the '87 Alva tour, heautographed my brow and proceeded performing an acid fall from a 10-foot-tall garbage compactor King of Prussia, at a mall. Helanded perfectly. Sick! Did the Spits start?Sean Spits: As a means for us to say "fuck You" to all these popular bands at the moment. We were sick of hearing shit, so hate onthose pussies and we decided to start the planet's best party group! Where would you get the inspiration for toddlers on stage? Wayne: Others will state down deep, although Kiss, Twisted Sister. Sean, did you really skate/hitchhike cross Country? Sean: It was '85 and I house. I said, "Screw winter--I am gonna be a surfer! So I took my skate, $300 bucks, and a bag filled withclothes and I started hitchhiking and skating to Florida. I washed dishes and hauled in a fort beneath A billboard at a ditch. Folks go retard for The Spits' records at the shows and oneBay. What is the highest you've seen a listing? https://github.com/skateszone/skate/wiki/How-To-Choose-The-Best-Complete-Skateboard-For-Beginners-2017

Sean: $500, buy our records so if you're at a show! Shouts?Sean: God bless Thrasher, Memphis, and Creature. And bless The Spits. We need it! ERIC FRIEDL: THE OBLIVIANSGoner Records began with Guitar in 1993 Wolf's 1st US release. What prompted you to begin the tag? I worked in a record shop, saw Guitar Wolf in the Garage Shock Festival at Bellingham, Washington, and they were great. The noisewas over the noisy. There were I knew I could do it, since nobody else went to and I thought it would be liked by a lot of folks.They came through Memphis and we got to hang out a little. They didn't speak any English. ( 1 didn't speak Japanese, communicatingwas kind of sparse, therefore at the point it was all faxes. I think they thought I put out a 7-inch, but I set out a record that they gave me. So from that misunderstanding--or error--I setout Guitar Wolf and Oblivians. It kind of went from there.

What makes Memphis unique? It's a City generally--a music city that is weird. Memphis is rather dysfunctional. It's not like awhole lot of people move to create it. It's kinda like people Wind up stuck here, or They are currently making the most of it and grew up here. You can certainly do itshould you want to make your music. You have to go DIY. There is not a scene if you also have cool gear and dress, no one cares.In some cities that is enough. Back in Memphis, you have to be a band that was good. There has been so much good music that's comefrom this, so that you can not get by on bullshit. You can not earn money on music. You can not make money on anything apart fromcotton. It is a town, and in precisely the same time that it's cheap, so you may do your own thing pretty easily. And that leadsto a interesting things. Jay Reatard delivered you/Goner a tape in the age 15. First, he sent me a letter. "Send me something. Signed, Jay X." I sent him a decal. He sent this cassette to me and eventually gotmy number. Jay had listed it in bathroom and his bedroom. He had bare bones of tunes stripped down primal and hard. It was justwhat I wanted to hear, although I didn't believe it went everywhere. He had a whole lot of shit happening. He do when he was 16,Buddy Holly covers. It just showed he listened to material and Getting it out of various eras, where a lot of kids don't hear it. They believe it'soldies and crap. We did a whole record. His guitar playing, singing, and melodies ... they simply kept going. You hear all thesestories of being a fuck up. He did stuff, but he worked hard at what he did. We simply stood and watched him go. JACK YARBER: THE OBLIVIANSWhat were you into as a child?

Batman, books, Spider-Man--I was 10 or 9 Therefore , comic-book looking dudes playing with guitars after the ring KISS peaked outat the 70s. Books never ceased, and pretty much turned into buying stuff and Cream magazine like that. I started gettin' away fromrock and getting early metal, into punk--that was my childhood. Did you skate?I had a skateboard. My mom got me a cheapo. I Could never actually do tricks or anything. Greg and Eric were the skaters. Greg waslistening into the Circle Jerks and JFA. What I recall about Greg is that it was the soundtrack for his life. I mean, you have gotthis guy who is only singing together, although I would hear the Circle Jerks, he knows all the lyrics--complete on, it living. Y'all come up with the name Oblivians?Our first gig, we were called Pontius Pilate As well as the walkers. Another gig we had been known as Gentlemen of Leisure. We hada list, and Oblivians came up... Misspelled with an "A," so it kinda sounded like a previous name. Though it's stripped down with no bass, Or even bass drum occasionally, you guys achieve a sound that's all your own. It was not planned out. You should ask Louie of The King and Persuaders Louie and The Missing Monuments. Louie says, "Minimalismin the genuine sense. Not minimalism when folks can not play well.

The type when people can actually play well, and they choose toplay one or two chords." Which records do you suggest for the Thrasher readers? Popular Favorites or Sympathy Sessions, and if You dig these. This will be the initial Oblivians album in 15 years. How do you believe? I feel good about it. It's not as raunchy The earlier records. It's rockin' but there is not profanities or things like that. Whenwe did that one, obviously, we weren't drunk. what size of skateboard should i get

We went to the Studio at 10:00 rocking out on caffeine and am drinking coffee. Thereis some Good things on the market. I am playing with drums and singing on two songs, and Greg's got some killers.
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