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Your personal background.
What was your Rumble in Ramona adventure?
Got there at 10:30 pm on Friday. http://skateszone.com/the-top-8-best-skateboards-for-beginners-reviews-2017/

Everybody was drinking. Had a move and skated for a couple of hours by myself. Spent the night there, kept it moving.
Was not the ramp moist?
Nuh. Everyone thought it was. It had been good. It seemed moist, it had the glow on it, but when you moved directly through the flatbottom it was fantastic.

So no dividing?
No. If you kept lines good.
Perfect for pogo rocks?
Yeah. Navs got me into that shit. Up and down. I needed to skate man, by myself. Everyone quit skating. No one wanted to skate with me.

I then ended up drinking beer together with Keith and Gentry till 5 o'clock in the morning and passed out in that little trailer behind the ramp.
The trailer where the dice women got dolled up?

They had a recliner in there. It was Nicely sick.
You feel when you woke up Saturday?
Pretty good. Fuckin' smoked a joint Beer, let the pin-up women get in the trailer. Gave Celtics every man, a boy. Let them return to a little business. Walked about, then started skating around 10 o'clock in the afternoon. Till I handed out on the ramp skated.
Can you try any motions?
Nah, I was zeroing in guy, on the ramp. I Cheered them on when they were struttin' their stuff. Fantastic shit.
I noticed you attempted the ollie across the Channel to layback grind. How'd that proceed?
Aye, I got it. I fuckin' blew my elbow out and Then I chilled. I borrowed a elbow pad and finally made it. Just don't allow the wheels slide out .

Who blew your mind?
Everyone! I was skating week. Mark Lake and Scissors, these guys hype me up big time all week. Fuckin' 40-odd and fuckin' 53! That good!
Who else?
Dan Tag. Doing eggplants everywhere. That is the shit.
Did you Find the Tag Plant?
I missed it. Might have been when I was passed out. I passed out to the ramp at the middle of the day.

You seemed to be sleeping with one eye open.
That is what occurs. One eye goes another way. I woke up to someone pouring water. Came back to life and started skating off. That is that. http://skateszone.com/

You did doubles together with maybe the man You can do doubles together: Ben Schroeder. Were you scared?

Nah, Schroeder's cool, man! Everyone's scared But he's expert.
I simply mean his size. You would not want him to Land.
"It will be okay. It'll be alright." That's what he says.
What about Pedro?
That child is fuckin' mad. He blasts up! That Child Rune was killin' it. Henry Gutierrez! That guy's the shit! Sick bonelesses!
Pedro has those every which way. Can you Want to get into these?

Aye. I don't have any idea.
You just follow your own shoulder. That is exactly what I hear.
Follow your shoulder?
That's what I've heard. Just follow your shoulder.
Do you let your shoulder get in Front of you?

I don't know, but I think you could figure it out.
If I could twist that manner, I don't know. I can Barely go backwards.
What about handplants? There were lots of handplants that weekend.
Navs got that Elguerial Andrecht. That kid Josh did an alley-oop Andrecht. It was murdered by this Jeff Hedges dude! Fuckin' rad, dude.

What is going on in your lifetime? Are you Gonna keep skating vert?
I am gonna try to. I am building a mini-ramp Right now. Aside from that, I'll just continue skating the bridge.
What's the hardest part of skating vert?

If you have not skated it, the toughest part is in awhile. Finding someone to go and that skate it.
What is happening in your life?
Helping my look after his horses. Skate.
What are your aims for 2011?

2011? I really don't understand. I Want to have a Convention with Rattray. Get my goals. One objective would be to allow you guys to go skating. You're gone all the time. [http://skateszone.com/different-types-of-skateboards-list-for-beginners/

It is hard finding people to go skate with.
Is the last Rumble in Ramona an end of the era?
Nah. I don't think it's, although it is a ramp that is sick Anything's conclusion. Keep it moving someplace!
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