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Your personal background.
Linda Ifeoma Ikeji popularly recognized as Linda Ikeji ,
is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model.

She became famous soon after launching her weblog and
she is said to be the highest paid blogger in Africa suitable now.

Linda Ikeji was born September 19, 1980 and she is an indigene of
Nkwerre L.G.A. Linda Ikeji was born into a family members with a genuinely humble background, and is the second of
seven kids. She was raised in a Christian catholic that hails from Nkwerre, Imo State.
Her hobby was reading and writing, she officially began writing articles at the tender age of ten .

She was applied to writing fictions which get commended by her household
and good friends. She later located it lovely to switch to news writing which
she is nevertheless very superior at appropriate till this moment.
She loves listening to news, watching newscasters and
interviews . She completed her secondary school education at the age of 17
and got admission into the University the following year when she turned18.
She got a possibility to study in greater institution at the University of Lagos, exactly where she chose into Mass Communication but admitted to study English Language unfortunately.
Her loved ones was not incredibly buoyant , she decided to help her household by looking for a portion-time jobs as a waitress, model and writer.

She completed her research at the University in 2004.
This time she attempted so challenging to break into Journalism
enterprise, this was when she introduced her media corporation, referred to as Black dove Communications.
She preferred to be the boss so that she won’t be having any command from oga at the prime.
She loved the comfort of being the boss, instead of becoming in front of the camera, she chose to be behind camera
by managing an agency, signing up models, coaching them and acquiring them jobs.
In 2006, she started blogging as a hobby without any intention of
obtaining paid for it.

As at that time, there have been only handful of bloggers in the field
including Bella Naija, a different well-known Nigerian blogger
. It came to a point exactly where some well known blogs started writing about her and
that was when she started getting the hope that there is
some thing in for her in the profession. At that time, the internet was not
as prominent in Nigeria and she had to make her posts at a cybercafe.
She started blogging complete time in 2007 and she applied
her weblog as a implies to reach out to folks wherever they are in this globe as far as they have access to
World Wide Web .

Methods To Make Dollars From LIS

March 2017 at 12:15

Interested candidates should really possess a graduate qualification

Nov 2016 Guardian Lady

Rumor has It

She contested for the 2003 Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant

She was the greatest Google search trend in Nigeria for 2014

She was working with
a blospot which brings her tones of targeted traffic
to her blog just before switching to a major domain LindaIkejiBlog.com.

She began to see a new possibility to take her writing to
the globe. The only issue she faced for the duration of that old time was the expense of an world
wide web connection, but as far as she can get that
world wide web access then it is pretty quick to attain out
to the planet. She stated: "I was getting like 200 visits a every day and for me back then, it was a wonderful deal, sincerely. Five years later, lindaikeji"s weblog
has grown to be one particular of the most
visited and most well known internet sites not only in Nigeria but in African at substantial .

Now I’m receiving like 50,000 visits day-to-day from about 180 nations around the globe." She also disclosed that it took her about four superior years of really hard operate and dedication to begin producing good cash from her blogging profession. Her relentless efforts, passion and dream earned her the title ‘Queen of Blogging’ in Africa this time it is not restricted to Nigeria alone. She was featured on Forbes ‘Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women’ in 2012 and was the largest Google search trend in Nigeria in 2014 and she has also been interviewed by BBC. She has been involved in social media fight with celebrities and non-celebrities alike. She even got into a social media fight with Wizkid and dirty words had been utilized during the fight and Wizzy said crazy items that virtually got him arrested.

A really shocking occasion occurred on 8th October 2014 when Google shut down her weblog , it was later restored on 10th October 2014 for reasons that were not clearly stated. Probably, that was the big reason she moved her weblog content to a top rated domain so that she can have full authority over the blog. The ‘Queen of Blogging’ , Linda Ikeji also runs a non-profit project themed "I’d rather be self created No thanks" which is aimed at helping young girls become entrepreneurs. She gave out ten million naira in the 1st Phase of the project. Celebrity blogger and richest African blogger Linda Ikeji, acquired a property in Ikoyi about a year ago. The home (Mansion) is reportedly worth over N500 million that is half a billions if i do the very simple mathematics for you. See the front view of the property above.

I want a man that will push me to accomplish a lot more. I want a person who has achieved some achievement in his personal profession. A person I can discover from. I am inspired by profitable individuals. I can’t wait to meet somebody like Tyler Perry. So you can't marry a poor guy? No I can't marry a poor man. He does not have to be overly rich but he ought to be effective in his own profession. When I was 30, my standards were extremely high. I was so focused on function. I have been so ambitious. I was not focused on marriage and kids since I know that would draw me back. It is just not too long ago that I told myself that ‘Linda, you are 36, 4 years to 40. What are you carrying out?

At 30, I had a lengthy list of how I want my would-be-husband to be. When I turned 35, I reviewed the list and not, there are only three alternatives on the list. My best 3: A fantastic man prosperous and a man that will not stifle me or stop me from what I am undertaking presently, simply because I can't be stifled. A man that is carrying and attractive. He also have to be excellent in the bedroom. What about the element where folks say that you are 46 and not 36 years old? Why do you feel comfy to speak about your age as opposed to many females? It is quite basic to tell anyone’s age. I imply, after you inform me the year you finished secondary school, I can inform your age. I finished secondary school in 1997 from Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar college. I was 16 going on 17. If I am 46 then I completed secondary college in the 80’s. The following year 1998, I entered university of Lagos. We Promote on all blogs, Radio/Tv Stations, Promote On the internet and On Air, Twitter Trender/Hyper, Callertunes Solutions.. Stick to us on: .

Speaking in an interview with The Nation News, celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji didn’t hold back about her taste in males, stating that they can be something but poor. The blogger disclosed that she has been receiving fairly a lot of marriage proposals, but only desires a man she can appear up to. She was cocky when she described that she can get married at any immediate if she wills, as obtaining a husband has never ever been a dilemma for her. I maintain telling folks. It’s not that guys are scarce. They are not scarce. The sort of guys that some of us are hunting for are scarce. If I want to get married subsequent week, I can. I want a man that I can look up to. Somebody that inspires me, somebody that will push me, motivate me somebody who has had some achievement in his personal career.

Famous Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke literally poured his heart out in a recent interview with Glam Africa magazine. The actor who had previously engaged in a couple of social media brawls has after once again attacked a popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji who he, in this interview, referred to as the lamest of all bloggers. They are bloggers that cannot feed themselves, and then all of a sudden a person informs them that with a few hits, dollars would be transferred into your account and it becomes an obsession. Any lives that get wrecked in the wake of that obsession, they do not care about. There are some great blogs out there, do not get me incorrect. I am not a terrific fan of BellaNaija, but she is smart, she is articulate, and she knows what she is doing.

Even when she attacks me or writes about me, you will know that there is the opportunity of a researched truth, though it may perhaps not be in its entirety. So, there are a single or two great blogs out there that make an effort to investigation. Linda Ikeji is a single of the lamest of them all, and some other people that do not make any effort, they just reduce and paste. There are individuals who are truly educated for this job, they understand this job, individuals who are intellectually gifted as writers, but they are taking meals out of their mouths due to the fact of the new order of points.

There is one they call Ladun, me I contact names if I want to, I do not care. This is stuff that fellow so known as celebs want to speak about but do not have the balls to. This is part of the gains of already becoming labelled a black sheep, what ever I say now would not shock anyone. Responding to Charles Novia’s criticism of his deliverance at T.B. I will deem it fully reprehensible if I say what occurred was orchestrated like men and women suggested. I am not seriously cool with Novia, we have always been at odds with each other, and nobody asked his opinion on what happened to an additional actor. If you want to be relevant direct motion pictures and project your creativity, so persons will respect you far more.

Do not involve your self in people’s private issues, I don’t speak about your wife, I do not say she is overweight, nor do I talk about the truth that you have to have therapy. I do not talk about Segun, I know a single or two items about him like he knows about me. We are not that close so he has no authority to speak about what occurred in my life. He employed to be like a big brother, one that I respect, but he lost all that mainly because of the way he went about this concern. I had people that shared my practical experience, folks that have been satisfied for me. I went there to get answers for a thing entirely different. There are points that happen in your life that if you don’t have the answers to, you go to a larger calling to make sense of it. When I got there, in a space of five - ten minutes, some thing transpired and till this day I do not know what it is. He also had a point or two to say about his BFF, Nadia Buari, ex- girlfriend, Kenturah. Basically get a copy of the spring issue of Glam Africa Magazine for the full gist.

So you have to have observed the above error web page when you attempted to check out your favourite entertainment weblog, huh? In case you are questioning who’s Linda Ikeji, she was a model — a failed model according to some sections of the crowd. OK, here it goes, whether or not you really like or hate Linda, she’s indeed one particular of the leading earning bloggers in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji and her 2014 Range Rover which she claimed she acquired for 24 million. Earlier right now (October 8 2014) she told her readers that she’s been trying to get a domain name but the "Internet squatters" have hijacked most of the probably name she could use.

A couple of minutes ago, Linda posted that she’ll be back "in a bit" although she didn’t mention if the bit will be hours, days or weeks. Even so, the blogger stated her old content can nevertheless be accessed by means of lindaikeji.mobi. Now, yours genuinely can’t tell specifically no matter whether Google will reinstate Linda Ikeji’s Blog or not Or whether or not she will come back larger or if the drama will eat up her creativity and harm her status. But then, one factor is specific, plagiarism is negative, whether or not entertainment or technologies, regardless of whether web site or weblog, or even Facebook statuses — In no way COPY Any individual WORD TO WORD! With that being stated, we hope Linda will bounce back. Her blog was ranked among the prime visited 2000 internet sites in the world and amongst the first ten in Nigeria by Alexa before the incident. The hype generated with the weblog deleting controversy is providing her a lot of focus which her brand will certainly advantage from on the lengthy run.

A year after she announced the launch of her media empire, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has announced on her Instagram web page that she is set to launch her own tv station. Increasing up I wanted to be a reporter or a Television presenter… now I employ reporters and Tv presenters," mentioned Ikeji.

Alternatively of working at a Television station, I’m about to personal one.

God has a way of doing his thing. Just trust him
and never ever depart from him as you go on your journey.
In my view, this was forthcoming.
Linda Ikeji’s empire launch integrated an unveiling of a music weblog, a social network,
and a Linda Ikeji Tv producing digital content.
Of all of the subsidiaries, the 1 that has seriously taken off has been the
Linda Ikeji Tv.

So, it unquestionably does make organic sense to move in the direction she is.
If successfully launched, Linda Ikeji will join Mo’Abudu as one particular
of two girls in Nigeria who personal a tv station. From blogger
to Tv station owner, now that is a story. Ms. In 2014,
I launched a complimentary podcast show, The Africa
Music Law Show, readily available on iTunes/Apple Podcast and Stitcher Radio.
For feedback, marketing, or licensing inquiries please e mail (africamusiclaw@gmail.com).

To arrange a consultation to go over your case, get in touch with
me at 916-361-6506 or email me directly at (uduak@ebitulawgrp.com).

I’m just going to communicate with images simply because often, words are not
adequate. In the comment section with my fellow single girls
when I initially started blogging. My reaction reading all my ‘I like you Naijasinglegirl’ emails.
Me, the evening I read that Linda Ikeji had purchased a property in Banana Island and realised my blogging revenue cannot
even get me a plastic toy house. When my family came into
my area to ask what is creating me moody. I cannot tell them I have
a blog, so? The 1st day of my writers block. Attempting to
create a story on Kim Kardashian for my blog but it does not make sense.
The 16th day and I nonetheless have no freaking notion of
what to write. When I finally get my writing mojo back. Just published a new post
on Kylie Jenner and impatiently waiting for shares and comments.
And then ultimately, a single comment! Linda Ikeji comes to comment
section to say. You could not even add see far more images just after the
cut. Leave the Kardashians for me. You will under no circumstances acquire a
mansion in Banana Island with this thing you are undertaking.

What is Up with Linda Ikeji Social These Days?
Lately this has been the question following the social networking platform launched by
the Prime Nigerian Blogger and media Entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji.
Late final year, November 1, 2016 to be precise,
Linda launched
her own social media network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) — a platform constructed to combine
personal blogging and social networking.
LIS as a social media platform was constructed riding on the wing of the blogger’s massive successful blogging career and platform.

LIS met a lot of buzz, applause and skepticism on arrival,
so substantially so that platform gathered over 50,000 users on the very first day of launch!

Nigeria as a nation remains 1 the most active in net usage and
engagement in Africa, so one would have taught launching
LIS in the continent’s "internet hub" would make points straightforward.
With about 16 million active facebook users as at last month(April),
Nigeria sits on prime, ahead of a lot of other nations in the continent on social media and world wide web use.

This unignorable trend is seen across other well-known social media
platform. It is uncomplicated to see that Nigerians are huge on the web!

Customer/User conversion was pointed out as lots of to be the trouble
to hinder LIS’ speedy acceptance as a lot of Nigerians have currently pitched their tents in preferred social networking platforms.
This meant a attainable unwillingness to move to newer ones,
and clearly not so simply with incentive baits.
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