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There Are certain things about the motorhome lifestyle which you've probably come to take. A toilet that doesn't flush such as the one at home is one of them. The truth is, though RV bathrooms and plumbing systems have limitations that residences don't, the flushing toilets in many motorhomes--even highline units--are not as good as they are. Standing and waiting because you wash down the sides of the bowl using a sprayer after flushing is not anybody's idea of fun. As a result of Thetford Corporation, these days will soon be coming to an end.https://github.com/toiletszones/toiletszones/wiki/Rainwater-Down-The-Toilet

Thetford Manufactures a variety of motorhome flushing toilets, but its new Aria is the king of thrones in the organization's lineup. Featuring all-china structure, the Aria's claim to fame is its own one-touch Walk-Away electric-flush feature. That's right--no longer manual flushing; this baby does it all for you, the same as a residential toilet. But unlike the john you've got at home, that uses 1.6 gallons of water for each flush (and several times one flush does not do the job), the Aria does it all with just one quart.

At The heart of the Aria's design is a microprocessor that controls the blade-valve functionality and also the gerotor pump (which functions similarly to a Wankel engine, as opposed to a standard rotating vane or impeller) that supplies the water. Only push the larger of the 2 buttons on the side of the flushing toiletand the valve opens, followed by a dash of pulsating water which covers the entire bowl.

"In A normal motorhome flushing toilet, water flow down from the rim, and thus you do not get whole bowl policy, which explains why a sprayer is often supplied," clarifies Thetford's marketing-corn munications manager, Fred Tomczyk. "We use two nozzles to spray the bowl, obtaining complete bowl coverage and washdown."

The Aria has lots of different functions which may be called upon by pressing on one or both buttons, either individually or collectively. By way of instance, if you want to raise the water level in the bowl, then press and hold the bigger button until the desired level is reached. To open the flush valve (and maintain it open to include chemical, etc.), push both buttons twice in precisely the same time along with the blade valve opens.

However, What if you are boondocking, as well as one quart is too much water to waste? The engineers at Thetford thought of that, also. At the rear of this device is a Flush Control button, which lets you switch to User Control Mode to manually control the length of each flush. Push the flush buttonand as long as you hold it, that's how long the flush cycle will last. Releasing the button stops the flush and closes the blade valve. Thetford asserts the User Control Mode supplies water conservation of 50 per cent or more.

Aside In the device's functional characteristics, Thetford endeavored to make the Aria as residential as you can in its form. As an instance, as well as clean styling, the Aria uses an elongated bowl which takes a residential seat and lid, so the owner can customize the Aria with any easily available seat/lid fashions and colours. It's also available in high profile, 17 1/2-inch seat height, 20 9/16 inches overall; and low profile, 13 9/16 inches large, 16 3/4 inches total.

About The only things you need to take into consideration are available space and a nearby 12-volt DC power source. Both high- and - low-profile Aria models quantify 24 7/16 inches in length and 12 3/4 inches in width, so they might not fit where a dinky bowl was. You also must guarantee the flushing toilet(Making case flushing toilet combination legislation great) size won't cause any nearby cabinet interference. For instance, in this Aria installation, a cupboard door had to be reversed or it might have obstructed the front of the bowl. The 12-volt DC power source shouldn't be an issue in most coaches, although some wire routing will probably be required.

The Aria retails for around $600 to $640 and can be set up in roughly three hours, using common hand tools.

With Thetford's new Aria, there's an additional way for your coach to feel like a true home. You'll be sitting pretty.

Thetford Corporation, -LRB-800-RRB- 354-4135. thetford.com. Circle 223 on Reader Service Card.

Step 1. The old flushing bathroom has a china bowlwith a plastic base covered by a decorative plastic cowling. First you have to remove the cowling and the corresponding plastic foot lever to remove the flushing toilet.

Measure 2. Considering that the new flushing toilet required a distinct plumbing arrangement and damaging the previous fittings wasn't an issue, a set of adjustable pliers was utilized to eliminate the hose fittings.

Step 3. Then, the large stainless-steel ring that secured the china portion of the howl to the own plastic base was loosened.

Step 4. Together with the band removed, the bowl is only lifted off the pedestal and eliminated, perhaps to become a flower planter.

Measure 5. Now, just the plastic foundation remains. Removing the fasteners makes it to be lifted off too.

Step 6. The new Aria was lifted into position and lined up with the hole in the floor. A pencil is used to follow the outline and mark the mounting holes for drilling.

Measure 7. A 1/2-inch masonry bit was used to drill through the the without drilling to the wood subfloor beneath it.

Step 8. Thetford specifies that the closet flange should be 7/16 inch above the floor, and supplies two different spacers to get the right fit. Here, one of two spacers is fitted, with a bead of silicone sealant in between.
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